Since its creation in 2002, PEC follows an original social policy that represents an undeniable source of motivation for its staff. This socially responsible strategy is particularly conducive to innovation and development.

PEC has a real social policy

Our mission is to develop and create contributory value to ensure the sustainability of the company through the following actions:

PEC une vrai politique sociale

  • Reduce customers' production costs,
  • Improve the quality of our services,
  • Contribute to efforts to protect our planet,
  • Preserve our environment in all aspects of our business,
  • Enable each employee to achieve personal fulfillment and to develop a free and more efficient way of working.
  • PEC has signed the United Nations Global Pact since November 2009, and has integrated the10 fundamental principles regarding human rights, working conditions, environment and anti-corruption into its values.

These values, respected throughout PEC's story, are based on trust, passion to win, freedom to act, team spirit and integrity.

A network of representatives has been set up in each of the organization's operating sites to ensure that these values are fully implemented.